Credit Requirements and Conditions

We have had a number of masons and lodges etc. requesting whether they can pay for items over a period of time, so we have developed the following Credit access for masons only.

The rules and conditions are listed below:

  • No discount or deals when paying over a period of more than two(2) months.

  • Minimum Payment over Month will be no less than $50 per month.

  • A 10% of the full purchase cost will be added for administration Costs.

  • No interest will be added to the full purchase cost.

  • All monthly payments to be made via PayPal Only.  

  • All requests for our credit facilities will need to send an email to; 

  • A credit form will need to filled in and return to us signed either via email or post. (Credit form available on this website)

  • All information required on the form must be filled in.

  • Upon receiving the credit form. (fully filled in)

  • Only Masons can access our credit facilities and be a Special privileged member.

  •  All information will be kept in strict confidence and destroyed once payments are completed.

  • Once credit is approved, you will received a payment request from PayPal in the third week of the month via email.(PayPal invoice)

  • Payments must be received no later than the the end of that month.

  • Late payments could received a penalty of 10% for that months late payment.

  • Must be a currant Special Privileged member to apply.

    In the case  of a person defaulting with their payments, Australian Masonic Supplies  reserves the        right to contact the Secretary of the Lodge, Chapter, Preceptory to inform them that the said person      regalia as not been paid for.
   Also we will take the person to a small claims court to recover the outstanding amount and any             expenses incurred in this process will be added to the outstanding amount.
   Until the regalia is paid in full at all times the regalia will remain the property of Australian Masonic       Supplies.

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