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Australian Masonic Supplies Quarterly Newsletter. Here you'll find the latest Masonic Announcement

 Special Announcements
Again due to heavy demand we are offering the same apron deal that we had at the begin of the year. With every apron from Master Mason through all the following degrees a Free Breast Jewel for that degree with every degree set.
Master Masons Apron: Free Craft Lodge Lapel Pin.
W.M. Aprons: Free Standard W.M. Breast Jewel (No Inscription).
Mark Master Apron: Free Breast Jewel.
Most Excellent Master: Free Breast Jewel.
Royal Arch Companions Apron & Sash : Free Breast Jewel.
Royal Arch First Principals Apron and Sash: Free Breast Jewel.
Royal Ark Mariner Apron and Sash: Free Breast Jewel.
Knights Templar Manic & Cloak: Free Breast Jewel.
Knights of Malta Manic and Cloak: Free Breast Jewel. 
Red Cross of Constantine Sash: Free Breast Jewel.
This offer will only last with present stocks of Jewels, so don't delay buy today to ensure you get your Free jewel. 
Offer ends at the end of June 2021.
Australian Masonic Supplies encourages all fellow Brothers to consider doing different Masonic Degrees to expand their knowledge of Freemasonry and enjoy some of these great degrees with other Fellow Brothers
Special Announcement 
We are pleased to announce a payment plan for all our customers that wish to use this service with only one small administration fee involved, it will apply to all orders
over $100, of course we will have some conditions to protect our funds. 
We have look at a number of online Payment Systems and found that the fees are high to the seller and we would have to pass on these costs to the buyer.
Therefore we have come up with are own payment system without increasing our prices.
All you have to do is send us an email of your requirements and we will email you a copy of the application form and conditions for your payments.
This will only apply to current Financial Brethren only within Australian Constitutions.