Australian Masonic Supplies is a subsidy of Wright Enterprises International Pty Ltd. Peter Wright started this business in 2008.

The concept is not to make large profits, but to assist Lodges in being able to purchase Lodge regalia and furnishing at reasonable prices in all degrees and to give a good and speedy service.

With the added bonus of 10% of all profits being returned in assisting Lodges with their Lodge regalia.

We also have a free service in selling pre-loved regalia on behalf of Lodges, individual people , we take 10% of the value of the sale and these funds are put towards our assistance  to Lodges in purchasing regalia.

Since the business started in 2008 in Northern Queensland we have grown and expanded our catalogue  to cover nearly all Masonic requirements and have our Offices in San Remo. NSW.

We now sell Masonic regalia throughout Australia, New Zealand, PNG and recently to the United States, UK, Europe and Middle and Far East.

We are also looking for fellow brothers to become agents within their state, if you are interested please initially contact us via email and we will contact you.

If you cannot find your Masonic requirements on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

If we cannot supply you requirements we will give you the best advice possible to meet your needs, we have contacts throughout Australia and overseas from our Fellow Brothers.

Yours Fraternally and Enjoy your Freemasonry

Lord Peter Wright

Lord Peter Wright
Lord of the Manor of Barkway


Certificate of authenticity for the supply of Lambskin in the production of all our aprons.